Building Peace in a War-Torn World

Bulletin 6.10.18


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Doug Hostetter, current director of the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) United Nations Office, and Thien Tran, Vietnamese intern in the MCC U.N. office, will share from their first-hand experiences in light of the recent 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War. Doug was a conscientious objector during the war and chose to do his alternative service working with MCC in Vietnam, in the middle of the war zone during the height of that war. He will share stories about Vietnam, the importance of conscientious objection to war and the power of love and truth to transform “enemies” into friends.

Thien, who is serving with MCC’s International Volunteer Exchange Program (IVEP), will also share about growing up after the war in Ho Chi Minh City and the legacy it left behind, including issues like Agent Orange and the work MCC does with people living with the effects today.

Check out this New York Times article by our speaker, Doug Hostetter, “A Conscientious Objector in a War Zone”.