What We Believe


As a fellowship, we covenant to express our collective commitment to deepening relationships with God and one another.  We acknowledge our need for the support of a community of faith.  We recognize the violence of social, economic and political oppression in our city and world, and we commit ourselves to striving for justice and peace.  We will respond lovingly to human suffering and pursue a transforming vision of the world.  We want to be generous stewards of our time, energy, money and talents and to use the world’s resources wisely.


God is the focus of our worship.  We gather to seek new ways to know God, sharing our individual perceptions of God.  Christ is our model for relationships with God and others.  Jesus calls us to renounce many of the values of our society.  In response, we commit ourselves to simplicity, reconciliation and a community of faith.  The Holy Spirit empowers us to question and change our lives to more clearly reflect our faith.


As spiritual sisters and brothers, we commit ourselves to support, minister and show love to one another.  In our worship and at other times, we will help each other toward a life of faith.  We hold one another accountable to relationships based on love, mercy, kindness, honesty and reconciliation.  We commit ourselves to support those who oversee and maintain the physical and spiritual life of our group.


Worship serves to focus our thoughts and emotions on God.  We support creative forms of worship, with respect for tradition.  We practice the spiritual disciplines of prayer, meditation and the study of Scripture.  These strengthen our spiritual lives, individually and collectively.  Our worship is enhanced by the involvement of every member of the group.  We seek to nurture individuals’ spiritual gifts and incorporate them into our collective spiritual body.


We wish to include as members of our Fellowship those who are willing to search with us for the experience of faith and are committed to the principles of this covenant.  A person will be accepted as a member through a personal choice to be involved and to contribute to the work of our group.  In discerning God’s will for the group, we commit ourselves to listening to each other in the Spirit of God.  We respect differences of opinion and religious interpretation, and we endeavor to maintain an attitude of love and acceptance so that each person may speak freely and openly.  Everyone is encouraged to participate in group decision-making.  We welcome visitors and those who may wish to occasionally sharein our worship experiences.


We accept the Bible as the word of God and its interpretation in the Apostles’ Creed, the Mennonite Confession of Faith (1963, 1992), and the MMF covenant as the guide of the congregation and of our personal faith.  An individual is presented for membership in MMF based on a personal statement of faith in Christ, willingness to give and receive counsel, and commitment to the mission of the church.