Menno House

menno houseThe house was bought by Mennonites–members of a Historic Peace Church–in 1957 to house conscientious objectors to war while they completed their alternative government service. Since 1977, it has been a residence for church volunteers, students and non-profit workers. It has also served as a hospitality ministry as it provides affordable short-term accommodations for visitors to New York City and others in need of temporary lodging.

pandalibraryPeace & Anabaptist Library

The Peace and Anabaptist Library is a 1,000-volume collection focusing on the subjects of Anabaptism, Mennonite history and theology, pacifism, nonviolent resistance and community.


Mennonite Central Committee United Nations Office

The MCC UN Office is the voice at the United Nations for MCC and our global partners, including Anabaptist churches around the world. We keep MCC staff and partners informed about UN policies and program that may affect them, while bringing the expertise and experience of MCC partners and personnel to the UN diplomats and employees who establish and carry out UN policies. Our office focuses on areas of conflict where MCC and our partners are living and working.

Camp Deerpark

Camp Deerpark exists to extend the ministry of Jesus Christ. As an outreach of approximately 15 New York City Mennonite Churches, Camp Deerpark stands alone as a camping ministry owned by and dedicated to serving inner city Mennonites. The camp offers people of all ages, races and backgrounds the opportunity to enjoy Christian camping at a reasonable price.

Common Humanity

Common Humanity is a non-profit organization based in New York City which seeks to build understanding, respect and friendship with the Arab and Muslim world.   We believe that the road to peace in the Middle East lies in recognizing the humanity of people on all sides of the conflict we’re in.  Instead of sending more guns to the Middle East, we should be sending compassion and humanitarian relief supplies.

Radical Living

Radical Living is an asset-based community organization that aims to build community around food, sustainable practices and green spaces by supporting resident-led efforts to increase healthy food options, educate residents about their role in the food system, and reconnect residents to food, earth and each other.

Friends Shelter

The Friends Shelter provides shelter and hospitality for twelve homeless men and women. The shelter is open seven days a week, every day of the year. Two volunteers stay overnight with the guests in a safe, warm and clean environment. Friends Shelter is always in need of new volunteers. If interested, click here: